The 52 Institute™

  • 52 Capital Partners, LLC is committed to serving our clients by fully leveraging the Firm’s intellectual capital and thought leadership.

  • 52 Capital Partners, LLC delivers timely perspectives to the Firm’s clients and the public on topics pertinent to important strategic challenges and issues faced by corporations, investment firms, family-owned enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures.

  • The 52 Institute™ is the Firm’s web-based ecosystem highlighting the Firm’s independent insights.


  • The 52 Talks™ is an interactive ecosystem of The 52 Institute™, featuring interviews, podcasts and other media focused on important topics in international business and finance.

  • The 52 Talks™ regularly features founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, policymakers and other experts in one-on-one conversations with 52 Capital Partners, LLC’s professionals, discussing a broad range of issues in today’s business world.

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