52 Capital Partners, LLC Announces Launch of The 52 Institute™: Firm’s Proprietary Thought Leadership Division

52 Capital Partners, LLC | May 14, 2018

The 52 Institute Provides Independent, Proprietary Perspectives on Cutting-Edge Topics Pertinent to North American Corporations, Financial Institutions, Founder-Led Enterprises and Entrepreneurial Ventures

May 14, 2018 – San Mateo, California – 52 Capital Partners, LLC today announced the official launch of The 52 Institute™, the firm’s independent, proprietary thought leadership division. The 52 Institute™ is a web-based ecosystem highlighting the proprietary scholarship of 52 Capital Partners, LLC on topics pertinent to important strategic and transactional challenges faced by corporations, financial institutions, founder-led enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures.

“52 Capital Partners, LLC is pleased to announce the official launch of The 52 Institute™, our firm’s proprietary thought leadership division,” commented David Willard, theFounder, CEO & Managing Partner of 52 Capital Partners, LLC. “52 Capital Partners, LLC is committed to serving our clients by fully leveraging our firm’s intellectual capital and our in-house thought leadership. Through The 52 Institute™, 52 Capital Partners, LLC is committed to dedicating necessary resources to deliver timely perspectives to our clients on the most important strategic and transactional challenges confronting NorthAmerican businesses in today’s increasingly complex and interconnected global economy.”


About 52 Capital Partners, LLC

52 Capital Partners, LLC is an independent advisory firm that provides high-level strategic advisory services to the senior management teams, Founders and Boards of Directors of corporations, financial institutions, family-owned enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures faced with transformational, complex or high-stakes matters in North America and China. 52 Capital Partners, LLC harnesses its world-class expertise on China matters and its formidable breadth of experience in investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, and principal investing to deliver high-impact, solutions-based advice on the most significant strategic or transactional matters undertaken by businesses in North America and China. 52 Capital Partners, LLC is headquartered in Silicon Valley with additional presence in New York City.

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