• 52 Capital Partners, LLC provides strategic advisory services to North American senior management teams, Founders and Boards of Directors of corporations, investment firms, family-owned enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures faced with complex transactions in North America and the Asia-Pacific.

  • Our advice will always be independent and discreet, and we act in the best interests of our clients at all times.

  • We advise a broad range of leading multi-national corporations, investment firms, family-owned enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures.

  • We are committed to serving our clients and executing accretive transactions to grow their businesses—enabling new innovations, fostering job creation and catalyzing earnings growth. 

M&A Veterans.

52 Capital Partners, LLC is a private partnership comprised of seasoned M&A specialists. We harness deep domain expertise spanning all major industry verticals, which comprise over 75% of global GDP.

Asia-Pacific experts.

Our team possesses an unmatched understanding of the Asia-Pacific business landscape. Our knowledge of the Asia-Pacific establishes us as a go-to strategic advisor for North American multi-national corporations and investment firms.

Trusted Advisors.

Trust, integrity and partnership define our Firm’s ethos. Our advice is independent. Our vision is long-term. And our success is measured by our clients’ success.