52 Capital Partners, LLC Launches The 52 Risk Index™—M&A Industry’s First-Ever Proprietary Algorithm-Driven Metric for Assessing Regulatory Risk in China

52 Capital Partners, LLC | May 23, 2019

The 52 Risk Index Harnesses 52 Capital Partners, LLC’s In-House Proprietary Algorithms and Key Regulatory Variables to Generate Semi-Annual Measurement of Regulatory Risk in China for North American Multi-national Corporations and Investment Firms

May 23, 2019 – San Mateo, California – On May 23, 2019, 52 Capital Partners, LLC launched The 52 Risk Indexthe M&A industry’s first-ever algorithm-driven proprietary index for assessing the regulatory risk in China for North American multi-national corporations and investments that undertake M&A in China.

The 52 Risk Index consists of a proprietary aggregation of a broad series of regulatory data from China, rule-of-law indicators in China, intellectual property risk indicators in China, business due process statistics in China, along with corresponding proprietary quantitative algorithms developed independently at 52 Capital Partners, LLC.

The 52 Risk Index score for assessing regulatory risk in China will be released semi- annually by 52 Capital Partners, LLC and made available to the public. 52 Capital Partners, LLC will release The 52 Risk Index™ score to assist industry players, including North American multi-national companies and investment firms, in forecasting near-term regulatory risk within China’s M&A market.

The 52 Risk Index complements 52 Capital Partners, LLC’s previously announced proprietary metric—The 52 Index™: the M&A industry’s first-ever algorithm-driven proprietary index for assessing analytically the overall strength, transaction activity andindustry trends within China’s M&A market.

“With the launch of The 52 Risk Index™, 52 Capital Partners, LLC is setting a new standard in the global M&A industry for assisting North American businesses and investment firms that must regularly assess China’s regulatory environment in connection with effectuating strategic M&A decisions,” commented David P. Willard, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of 52 Capital Partners, LLC. “Our objective is to provide corporations and investment firms with a reliable, data-driven metric, with the goal of assisting Boards of Directors and senior management teams in effectuating important risk-management and risk-mitigation decisions with respect to navigating China’s highly nuanced regulatory environment.”

The first score generated by The 52 Risk Index is anticipated to be released by 52 Capital Partners, LLC in early August 2019.


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