PLUS™ Announces Strategic Partnership with TapRoot Holdings Inc.

52 Capital Partners, LLC | May 28, 2019

52 Capital Partners, LLC Advises PLUS in Connection With Its Strategic Partnership with TapRoot Holdings Inc.

May 28, 2019 – San Mateo, California

On May 28, 2019, PLUS™, a leading California food products company, announced its entry into a definitive agreement to partner with TapRoot Holdings, Inc. a Nevada-based manufacturing company. The strategic transaction represents the first expansion outside of the State of California for PLUS™. Pursuant to its press release issued on May 28, 2019, PLUS™ believes that TapRoot has the facilities available for PLUS™ to easily and quickly deploy its machinery, ingredients machinery, ingredients and personnel to ensure that products remain consistent both in California and Nevada. As PLUS™ expands into jurisdictions outside of the State of California, it will serve as the manufacturing operations partner to ensure quality and consistency across markets.

52 Capital Partners, LLC served as the exclusive strategic advisor to PLUS™ in connection with the transaction.


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