Strategic China Advisory Matter for William J. Bennett, Former U.S. Secretary of Education under President Ronald Reagan, Internationally-Acclaimed Author and Iconic American Business Executive

52 Capital Partners, LLC | May 21, 2018

52 Capital Partners, LLC to Advise William J. Bennett in Connection with Strategic Matters in China Involving Bennett’s Internationally-Acclaimed Best-Selling Work, The Book of Virtues

May 21, 2018 – San Mateo, California – 52 Capital Partners, LLC today announced that it has been retained to provide strategic advisory services to William J. Bennett, the former U.S. Secretary of Education under President Ronald Reagan and an internationally- acclaimed author and American business executive. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, 52 Capital Partners, LLC is advising Bill Bennett on important issues concerning re-prints in China of his internationally-acclaimed work, The Book of Virtues. First published in 1993, the international best-seller is a compendium of time-honored parables and classic children’s stories that underscore principles of responsibility, honesty, compassion, self- discipline and courage.

“52 Capital Partners, LLC is pleased to advise Bill Bennett on this important matter,”commented David Willard, the Founder, CEO & Managing Partner of 52 Capital Partners, LLC. “It is an imperative for American business executives, innovators and entrepreneurs to receive independent, strategic advice when attempting to navigate China’s uniquely nuanced and complex commercial landscape—particularly when the stakes are high. Bill Bennett is an iconic figure in American public life and civic discourse. Bill is not only a successful entrepreneur and author; he has served our country with distinction in multiple U.S. presidential administrations. 52 Capital Partners, LLC looks forward to undertaking this important matter on Bill Bennett’s behalf.”


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